Hair Loss Myths

So, you think you notice some hair loss and someone tells you it has to be because you wear a hat all the time right? Hmm. There are many myths about hair loss and what might affect the growth of your hair. Let’s take a look at a few that you might of heard of or still in fact believe to be true:

Having a hair cut will help fight hair loss
This is not true. Indeed a trim every 6-8 months is ideal to get rid of damaged ends but cutting your hair by no means makes your hair grow back thicker or more plentiful. 

FYI, split ends are not just at the bottom of your hair you know- there are ways to trim these ends of yourself at home. Grab a small section of hair and twist it all the way to the end and you should see the split/ damaged ends sticking out of this twist which you can snip off with a good pair of hairdressing scissors.

Wearing a hat often will make you lose hair
Nope. You can wear that hat all day long if you like and it will not cause hair loss. Might make your hair greasy, but never hair loss. That is unless, you are wearing some kind of super tight hat that is literally pulling your hair out and causing too much tension (not sure if these exist but you never know)

Washing your hair every day will make your hair fall out more
Nah ah. Do you get scared when you see a group of hairs come out whilst giving your hair a wash? The hairs that you see, whether a couple or a clump, are hairs that have already fallen out of your scalp- shampooing your hair doesn’t make hair fall out!

FYI, if you’re lazy and you can’t be bothered to wash your hair even though it’s looking a little dull and greasy, dry shampoo is a great quick fix that you simply spray and massage into your scalp- don’t worry, this also does not contribute to hair loss.

Heat appliances cause hair loss
Some people are told that using straighteners or other heated gadgets, and blow drying your hair will make your hair fall out. Ok, its common sense to know that excessive heat on the hair can damage and burn the hair, but whichever hair falls out due to breakage, will grow back without a doubt- heat styling will not cause permanent hair loss.

Tip 1: Always use a heat protective spray on your hair before using any heat appliances, this reduces the damage done to your hair and can also add a healthy looking shine. Do NOT apply a hair serum/oil on your hair before you style your hair with heat as this will burn your hair and make it brittle.

Tip 2: Refrain from using a traditional ‘hair towel’ to dry your hair, as the fibres are not kind to your wet hair if rubbed. Instead, use a cotton t-shirt which is much smoother and gently pat around your hair to keep your hair as damage-free as possible.

Also, if you do not have time to dry your hair naturally, turn your hair dryer to cold air instead of hot.  

It’s your mother’s fault you have hair loss
A lot of people assume that they have inherited a hair loss condition from their mother’s genes. Male pattern baldness is a genetic issue but it can come from either of your parents. (Now start blaming your dad! Hehe)

Once your bald, there’s no going back
A lot of people believe that there isn’t a cure for baldness. Yeah, you can’t just wash your head with some miracle growth shampoo and start to see hair growing through; (maybe in the future eh?) however, there are some methods of gaining back your beloved hair.

Medicinal treatments such as Finasteride and Minoxidil among others, have been used to gain regrowth as well as slowing down the hair loss process. Of course, there are cosmetic surgical ways of restoring your hair!  

Scalp pigmentation is a non-surgical procedure where the illusion of hair is made by tattooing tiny dots that appear as hair follicles on the head- now this a good fix if you don’t necessarily care about real hair growth and are happy with the fresh hairline zero shave appearance.

On the other hand, hair transplants offer a more natural and amazing transformation for the hair as existing hair follicles are extracted and implanted into the head to grow new hair where you was once bald! The hair that is restored is there for life..Amazing, isn’t it?

Hair loss will eventually stop as you age
Sorry to tell you but this isn’t true! In fact the opposite happens- As you start to experience hair loss, you will continue to lose hair throughout your life, but the rate of which you lose it can alter.

If i have a bad diet I’m likely to lose hair
Okay, you will not see your hair fall out due to bad eating habits, so don’t fear about that! Iron is important for your body’s immune system, which in turn can have an effect on hair growth, so it would be beneficial to eat some iron foods, however, there is no need to build a diet plan specifically to prevent hair loss. A nice balanced diet is ideal for everyone to keep the body as healthy as it can be. 

Sun exposure will make my hair fall out
The sun can actually promote hair growth you know, so don’t think that your hair will fall out as your tanning away! Hair loss happens from the follicle inside the scalp, so your hair actually protects your scalp from the sun. The hair that you can see on your head is indeed all dead, the only living part of your hair is the follicle that you cannot see.

Obviously if you are balding, sitting under direct sun for a long time isn’t really ideal as your scalp is not protected by a lot of hair, therefore posing damage to your hair follicles. 

Hair falling out every day means I’m going bald
So you notice a few hair strands on your shirt or in your hands after you touch your hair.. don’t fear immediately! It is completely normal to lose up to 100 hairs per day, which will usually regrow anyway.

FYI there is a quick hair pull test you can do- grab about 20-30 hairs and use your thumb and index finger to pull (a normal tug, don’t try too hard to deliberately pull your hair out) if you have more than six hairs in your fingers there could be a hair loss problem you need to address.